Courses for CFM Coordinators

This course is free with no time limits and gives you a "feel" of the CFM University courses.  You do not need an account, but you do need to log in as a guest with a password.  To receive the password and log-in instructions, click on the following link:  PASSWORD.   After receiving the password, click on the course title to log in as a guest.  Once you leave the course, you will need to log in as guest again when you return.   The course is called "Growing Fruitful Disciples", an introduction to the Freedom in Christ Ministries' approach to Discipleship.  In this course you will learn a lot about Freedom in Christ Ministries - you will learn about the Message, the Method, and the Ministry strategy of Freedom in Christ. 

This step in your training to become a CFM Coordinator is to complete an entrance examination based on Dr. Neil Anderson's two foundational books of freedom truth - Victory Over Darkness and The Bondage Breaker. If you are taking courses for student training, you do not need to take the entrance exam.  The CPI questionnaire is also found here.

This course provides an introduction to new and prospective Community Freedom Ministries (CFM) Coordinators and to students.  You will learn what constitutes a CFM; how to work productively with church leadership; how to develop a strong, growing prayer base; how to use the training template provided by FICM; and how to develop your CFM organization -- building a team and instituting basic administration.

The purpose of this course is to educate one in the use of a discipleship tool called "The Steps to Freedom in Christ." During this course you will be familiarized with the tool and given helpful instruction in how to use it effectively.  The course is divided into four modules with each module divided into four lessons.  The textbook content is designed to follow the basic flow of the online training without simply duplicating what you will be learning online.

Once you have laid a firm foundation in Christ for your CFM, this course will help you navigate through the sometimes choppy waters of getting a CFM up and running. You will learn to recognize and avoid ministry pitfalls as you grow in your understanding of spiritual warfare. You will learn principles of team building that will strengthen your CFM...and much more!

CFM 301, Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ, is designed to give you tools to make a difference in the lives of teenagers.  The course helps you in understanding 21st Century Teens, provides foundational discipleship counseling theory and practical training, as well as basics for dealing with spiritual conflict. It gives you a strategy to help teens overcome negative thoughts and bad habits, and provides strategies for dealing with teens in crisis.

CFM 302, Identity Based Spiritual Formation, is designed to complement CFM 301 (Leading Teens to Freedom in Christ). Freedom and maturity are the pillars of sanctification, or what the Bible refers to as transformed living by the renewing of our minds. (Romans 12:2)  It is our deepest hope and prayer that you will find this course to be personally challenging and practically useful in your high calling to reach emerging generations with the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This course is currently in development stage and is not open for enrollment. The purpose of the course is to enhance a marriage through consideration and application of key biblical principles for a healthy, growing marriage.