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Practicum Dates and Locations

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Practicum Dates and Locations
by FICM Staff - Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 9:56 PM

CFM University Practicums will be offered at various locations.  Listed below are the next scheduled Practicums:

November 4-7, 2019 - East Syracuse, NY

February 10-13, 2020 - San Antonio, TX

April 20-23, 2020 - Knoxville, TN

September 14-17, 2020 - Escondido, CA

After completing CFM 101 and CFM 201 courses, you qualify to attend a Practicum. We ask that all of your online work be completed at least 6 weeks prior to the Practicum you want to attend. Please contact Peg Severance ( at the FICM-USA office if you have questions. More specific information on registration, lodging, and meeting place will be provided later.