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1.  What is the difference between registration and a Moodle Account?

2.  What are the steps for enrolling in a course?

3.  How does the online store work?




What is the difference between registration and a Moodle account?

Registering for a course and obtaining a Moodle account are two independent processes.  To enroll in CFM University, you will need to 1) register for courses and 2) set up one Moodle account.  Registration allows you to enroll in the courses and is similar to the process found in most universities.  By paying for the course you wish to take, you are then registered and  allowed to enter the course on the CFM University website.  Once you have registered, you will need to set up a Moodle account (if you have not done so already).  The Moodle account allows you access to CFM University as a user of the course management system (i.e., Moodle).  Without a Moodle account, you will not be able to navigate the CFM University site, and thus, unable to enter the course "room" even if you have already paid (registered) for the course.  Only one account is needed, so if you have already set up an account, you will not need another one.   Although you only need to set up a Moodle account once (even if you plan to use different computers for Internet access),  you will need to register for each course you wish to take.  Setting up an account is analogous to letting you enter the classroom building, but without registering you will not be able to enter the room where the particular course is being taught.

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What are the steps for enrolling in a course?

To enroll in and access a course, follow the steps below:

  1. Register for the CFM University course
    To register for a course means you have paid for the course.  You may pay online through the secure FICM website bookstore or by clicking on the "registration" link located on the CFM University website.  If you are uneasy about making a payment online, please contact the FICM bookstore toll free at (866) 462-4747.

  2. Set Up a Moodle Account
    After you have successfully registered for a course, you may set up a CFM University Moodle account.  If you already have a CFM University Moodle account, you will not need to establish another one.  Setting up an account is a one time event and you should not set up more than one account for CFM University.  If you have not set up an account and are unfamiliar with doing so, please review the Learning Moodle Module on the CFM University website for instructions.  There is no cost for setting up a CFM University Moodle account.

  3. Log into the CFM University Moodle Site
    After setting up your CFM University Moodle account,  you should receive a confirmation e-mail.  Once you receive that e-mail and click on the confirmation link in the e-mail, you will be able to log into the CFM University Moodle site by entering your user name and password that you established during your account set-up process. You will need to log into the CFM University site in order to access your course.   Don't forget to log out once you have finished with a session. 

  4. Mouse Click on the Appropriate Course Link
    Once you have registered and set up a CFM University account, the FICM staff will enroll you in the appropriate course (ability to access the course may take 24-48 hours after setting up your account ).  If you are enrolled in a CFM Coordinator track, you will need to take the entrance exam first.  After logging into Moodle, click on the CFM University Entrance Exam link in the middle column of the CFM University site page to access the exam.  After successfully completing the entrance exam, you will then be able to click on the CFM 101 Course link  to access the course (please allow 24-48 hours for the FICM staff to open the course after you successfully complete the exam).  If you registered for the CFM University Student Training as opposed to coordinator track training, you do not have to take the entrance exam.  Click on the CFM 101 Course link to access the course.

Note: The entrance exam is based on Dr. Neil Anderson's two foundational books of freedom truth - Victory Over Darkness and The Bondage Breaker.  We encourage you to review these books before taking the exam.

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How the online store works - a step by step description.

This section provides a step by step description of how to register through the FICM online store.  If you are not familiar with online stores, you may wish to print this section to use as you access the store for your purchases.  (Click on the following link to access a PDF copy to print - Print this Section). 

In essence, once you enter the store, you select what you would like to purchase (e.g., CFM University Coordinator Training) and the quantity, then "add" the intended purchase to your shopping cart.  You may continue to shop for more items or if you have finished adding items to your cart, then you click on the "check-out" button and follow the rest of the screen prompts to enter your personal/shipping information and your method of payment.  When entering the FICM online store (http://www.freedominchrist.com) to make a registration purchase, you need to be on the CFM University shopping page as shown below.  Note that the "Shop by Category" on the right side of the store page has CFM University as a choice (see red oval).  You may have to select that category if you are not already on the CFM University shopping page.  Once on the page, make your purchase selection and quantity (if a group purchase), then click on "Add to Cart".  If you would like more information, click on  the "More Info" button just below the "Add to Cart" button.  You will be given the opportunity to add to your cart on that information page.

FICM Store

After clicking on the “Add to Cart" button, your shopping cart will show the quantity and items purchased (see first figure below).  Click on “Checkout Now” button if you are ready to check out or click on the “View/edit” link if you wish to revise your purchase.  If you click on the "View/Edit" link, a new screen will appear that will allow you to change and update your purchase or remove your purchase (see second figure below).

FICM Store

FICM Store


After clicking on the "Checkout Now" button, a screen will appear where you can enter your customer information (name, address, etc.).  If you have purchased from the FICM online store before and have an account, you can log into this account to save time from completing your information again by clicking on the link under Returning Customer.  The first screen below shows the customer information page.  After clicking on the "Next" button, you will be given an opportunity to enter any coupons or gift certificates.   In the "Additional Information" section of the screen, you will also be asked to complete a required question about whether you want a catalogue or not (see second screen below).  After completing that screen and clicking on "Next", another screen will appear where you will be asked to review your order (you can still make any changes here) and to enter  your credit card payment information.  After completing this information page, you will need to click on the "Place Order" button to place your order (see third screen below).  You will then receive a confirmation page with your receipt and order number.  Within 24-48 hours, you will then receive information to set up your CFM University Moodle account, if you have not done so already.  Should you have any problems, please contact the FICM online store office at (866) 462-4747.

FICM Store

FICM Store

FICM Store


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